Artificial teeth mean dentures to many people, but there’s something new on the market, which may be just for you – dental implants.

Unlike dentures, which have to be taken in and out, implants are attached directly to the jawbone. Implants are more comfortable than dentures and they work better, making it easier to chew and speak, increasing self-confidence and esteem.

If you are considering implants, be sure to talk with your dentist about whether they are right for you. Your dentist will perform a complete oral exam, take a medical history, check the condition of your mouth, the supporting bones in your jaws and the way your upper and lower teeth fit together to determine whether or not implants are appropriate for you.

If you decide that implants are the best option for you, the process will begin with surgically inserting the anchor in the jaw. After the gums have healed, restorative teeth are made and fitted to the post portion of the anchor. Your dentist will make sure that the implants fit properly so that they are comfortable and work properly.

Brushing, flossing and regular dental visits are essential to the success of dental implants. Your dentist will give you instructions on proper care and will regularly watch the healing and attachment of the implant to the jaw.

Implants can last for many years with careful daily oral hygiene. However, only your Michigan Dental Association dentist can tell if and what type of implant is right for you, and recommend a qualified professional who will take good care of you. So if you’re thinking you’d like to have implants see your MDA dentist today.