Bad Breath


As many as three quarters of the United States population worry about their breath at least once a day. Addressing those concerns is usually easy.

Bacteria that live in your mouth – on your tongue, between your teeth, or on your gums – grow when you do anything that reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth, including sleeping, fasting, exercising and even taking some medications.

You can reduce their number with daily home care of brushing and flossing, as well as effective deep tongue cleaning. Ideally, by using a tongue scraper, make cleaning your tongue part of your daily ritual. At the minimum, brush your tongue, where many bacteria hide, when you brush your teeth.

You can keep bad breath from happening in the first place by drinking plenty of water, chewing sugarless gum, using mouthwash before bedtime, and most importantly, if you smoke tobacco, quit. If none of this seems to help, consult your dentist.

Bad breath can be a sign of more serious conditions such as gum disease, broken and decayed teeth or fillings or it may be caused by medications that you’re taking that might be changed [consult with your physician before changing any medication.