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Everyone wants a beautiful smile – and everyone should have a healthy one. The orthodontist’s goal is to achieve both for the patient.

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Artificial teeth mean dentures to many people, but there’s something new on the market, which may be just for you – dental implants.

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Root Canals

Long held by comedians and pundits as the ultimate in pain, the root canal is quite the opposite – a way to avoid and alleviate pain and save otherwise hopeless […]

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In the early part of the 20th century, a Colorado Springs dentist, where fluoride occurs naturally in many wells, observed that some of his patients had lower tooth decay. Organized […]

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For thousands of years man had searched for a stable and effective filling material to restore broken and decayed teeth until an alloy called dental amalgam was created in the […]

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Gum Disease

Over 75 percent of Americans over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease. Known as pyorrhea, gum disease – or if you’re a dentist, periodontitis – it’s […]

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Tooth Decay

Known as carious lesions to a dentist, tooth decay is a process more than a condition; ranging from small, decalcified spots that may remain so for years, to completely destroyed […]

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Oral Cancer

Getting an oral exam at the dentist means more than hunting for cavities and evaluating your home care. Vital to each exam is a thorough check for oral cancer.

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Bad Breath

As many as three quarters of the United States population worry about their breath at least once a day. Addressing those concerns is usually easy.

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